DUO ANAEL (English version)

We are professional graduates of the Colombian circus school "Escuela Nacional Circo Para Todos (ENCPT) "  

We are familiar with several aeriel circus techniques, including as solo artists: All basic techniques including silks, hoop and trapeze. 
As a duo: Silks, trapeze, straps and our own personally developed and unique act of "AERIAL BICYCLE".

We conducted informal studies in contemporary dance, jazz and contemporary African dance, we undertook these studies to explore, develop and enhance further methods and awareness of our existing circus techniques.

As members of the "CIRCO CIUDAD" school in Bogota, we participated in various national and local festivals, such as Festival Iberoamericano of Bogota, Festival of  Manizales, Santa Marta Arts Festival, among many others.

As students of the Colombian "ENCPT" circus school we performed in "DELIRIO", a renowned salsa show in Cali, we toured with the show and performed in many international locations, including Panama, Madrid, Paris, London and even at the Haugue in the Netherlands.

We have performed in several productions, such as "HOTEL CINCO ESTRELLAS" and recently toured to Bagnacaballo (Italy) with the show "UN DIA AL FIN" this show also starred in XII Iberoamerican Theater Festival IN BOGOTA.

We work with the London production company "Micha Bergese Productions - MBP" Through  MBP we have spent a year performing on the cruise line, P&O Australia, as well as taking part in various other trade shows and venues.

We are interested in using the medium of circus performing as an authentic and sensitive exploration of humanity.